About electrichasgoneaudi.net

The goal for Electrichasgoneaudi.net is to be the ultimate site for information about all-electric Audis.

The target audience is everyone owning, everyone considering buying, and everyone wanting to learn about all-electric Audis

The site is community-driven and open-source, managed by owners, and updated by anyone with a Github account.


We have users from most of the countries on the planet.

What type of content do you find?

The level of details on electrichasgoneaudi.net goes beyond any official Audi site or other press sites focusing on cars.

Examples of detailed information you find on this site are

  • Detailed product information about each model. Anything from the drivetrain, battery, and leather type your seats can have.
  • FAQ for every model
  • High res pictures of real cars showing the different paints, wheels, and other exterior and interior options
  • Collection of online reviews for each model
  • Problem databases for the different models about common and uncommon problems & issues reported by owners in social media and forums
  • Options guide trying to help select the correct options for you.
  • Guides on how to preserve the battery, how to drive the car efficient, and more
  • In-depth technology articles about general EV-technology and specific Audi EV-technology


The world needs to change its transportation to be more sustainable. Moving to electric cars is an essential part of this; for many consumers, the technology is new and scary. We hope this site can help consumers and people working with car sales understand the benefits of electric cars and contribute to a faster transition.

Why Audi?

With more than 100 years of history, Audi has shown they can create cars with leading technology combined with a fascinating dynamic design.

Audi has committed to end the development of new internal combustion engine models by 2026, focusing solely on full-electric drivetrains, and phase out production of all petrol and diesel engines by 2033. From 2033 on, the future of the Audi brand will be fully electric. The company is continuing to pick up speed along the way. Audi wants to be a sustainable, social, and technological leader by 2030.

That’s why we love Audi and want to focus our energy and this site on all-electric Audis to help them achieve their goal. Our goal is not only to be the ultimate Audi site but the ultimate site for any car brand or model. While Audis slogan is “vorsprung durch technik” we also belive in “vorsprung durch informationen”.

Audi charging hub

Audi is going all-electric

How to contribute?

As Audi, we want to make the world a more sustainable world. That’s why everyone can contribute with new content and update what we have.

The content is created using Markdown and available on Github.

Facebook & Instagram

We have serveral Facegroup groups related to the different models. You find them on our Facebook page. We also have a Instagram accound dedicated to all electric Audi. You find it here: https://www.instagram.com/electrichasgoneaudi/