Last modified: Mar 11, 2024


Here you find different guides to help getting the best out of your electric Audi.

  • How to protect the battery on my all-electric Audi?

    EV batteries degrade over time, but there are many things you can do to make them keep their capacity longer.

  • How to verify battery health

    It is possible with simple math to verify the overall status of your battery. This guide explains how.

  • How to use one-pedal driving on electric Audis

    One-pedal driving allows a driver to bring a vehicle to a complete stop without using the brake pedal. One-pedal-driving is possible on all-electric Audis.

  • Regenerative braking

    Regeneration of energy is one of the benefits of an electric drivetrain. In this article, we will try to show how much regeneration can affect consumption.

  • Understanding range

    For many, the range is the most important aspect of an EV. In this guide, we explain what affects the range of your all-electric Audi and why you don't see the range as expected.

Audi all-electric models

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