Navigation system

Audi e-tron GT has an standard navigation system. This is MMI Navigation plus system that helps to navigate to the destination.

The navigation system on the Audi e-tron GT is based on maps and data from HERE Maps.

The navigation system is available in the virtual cockpit, the Head up display, and Audi MMi and will help to navigate to your destination, but also will help find charging stations, parking, and other points of interestest along the route.

You can enable Google maps-based Satellite photos and google based search to enrich the experience even more.


Navigation in MMI Main screen


Navigation in virtual cockpit with google satelite photos

  • Detailed route information: map preview, choice of alternative routes, POIs, lane recommendations, motorway exits, detailed intersection maps and much more. Use of navigation data for predictive and efficient driving
  • Personal route assistance: when the function is activated, monitors the traffic situation on regularly travelled routes - e.g. between home and work - and offers a route calculation to avoid traffic jams after a delay of at least five minutes
  • Traffic information online
  • Country information: display of country-specific information
  • Map display and route guidance in the Audi virtual cockpit

See below for detailed information about the features.

Search & Route planning

The e-tron route planner calculates the fastest route, considers traffic and road data, includes the driver’s driving style, calculates the duration of the charging stops and incorporates them in planning the total travel time.

Users receive important information such as the charging capacity or charging connections and plug types for the relevant charging stations. Moreover, the system indicates dynamic availability, for instance, whether or not charging stations are vacant or occupied, always with a bias for moving forward quickly. For example, two short charging processes with high charging capacity may yield time-related advantages over one long stop with low charging capacity. Alternative routes with better charging infrastructure are considered in the calculation of the optimal total travel time as well. The Audi e-tron route planner gives preference to the powerful HPC charging stations (HPC = High Power Charging).

You can plan routes from previous destinations, favorites, contact addresses, and receive destinations from the myAudi app.

In the below set of images, you see how it is to search and create a route going to IKEA from the MMI system.


Step 2: Selecting correct search result and pressing start


Step 3: Navigation informs that you don't have enough charge going to IKEA and suggest adding charging along the route


Step 4: Suggested charging stops including expected battery state of charge at destination


Step 5: Planned route

The route planning supports up to 10 stopovers along a route.

You can search for points of interest, chargers, parking based from the Here maps database. You can also perform online searches for points of interest.

Range indication

The Navigation system also supports presenting the range on the map. The blue area is the theoretical range area.


The Range indicated with the blue area


You can cover the whole planet with your all-electric Audi

Voice guidance

You can get voice guidance during navigation.

Voice guidance

You can control how much voice guidance you need

Traffic information

The Navigation system can receive real-time online traffic information about congestion, accidents, road construction, and other incidents.

By receiving traffic information, the Navigation System calculates a better route if available and the possible time saved compared to the current route.

A message will appear if the MMI calculates a better route for the current route guidance. The predicted delay takes into account future changes to the traffic situation on the route.

Additional benefits

Using the Audi e-tron Navigation systems has some additional benefits you don’t get when using external navigation from your phone or other GPS unit.

  • Calculate what the charge level will be at your destination
  • Calculate range more correctly when the destination is set based on information of the route
  • Inform the Efficient Assitant and Adaptive Cruise Assist about the road ahead so it can reduce speed based on information about the route or speed limit.
  • Inform the driver assist systems about where you are going, so the car can take preventive measures like reducing speed before you are turning off a road.
  • Tell the garage opener you are closing up to your garage so it can atomically select the correct garage door to open.

Maps updates

Maps are automatically updated through Audi Connect. It requires a valid subscription to Audi Connect.

GPS Antenna

The GPS antenna used by the navigation system is located on the roof of e-tron GT