Last modified: Mar 11, 2024

Audi e-tron emergency assist

Audi e-tron can be delivered with emergency assist. Emergency assist detects, within system limits, when the driver is inactive. In such a case, the system assumes control of the vehicle and automatically brakes it to a standstill in its own lane.

Emergency assist monitors the driver’s steering activity. If it detects that the driver is inactive, it prompts the driver repeatedly, via visual and audible warnings and by brake jolts, to actively take over control of the vehicle again. With the first strong brake jolt at a driving speed below 80 km/h (49.7 mph), the hazard warning lights are also activated to warn the surrounding traffic. If the driver remains inactive, despite the warnings, Emergency assist brings the vehicle to a standstill within system limits. The parking brake is engaged. The driver can deactivate Emergency assist at any time by moving the steering wheel, pressing the brake or accelerator pedal or by shutting off active lane assist or adaptive cruise control.

This option is part of the tour driver assistance package with option id PCC

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