Whindshield wipers

Audi e-tron has two different windhshield wipers to choose from

Standard wipers

Audi e-tron is equipped with standard manual windscreen wipers where you can control the speed yourself.

Audi e-tron er utstyrt med standard manuelle vindusviskere hvor man selv kan styre hastighet.

Audi adaptive wipers

Audi e-tron adaptive wipers

Adaptive wipers

As an option you can get adaptive windshield wipers on Audi e-tron. Adaptive wipers features fluid spray nozzles within the wiper arms themselves for improved visibility during the wiping operation.

The adaptive wipers takes into account the driving speed, the outside temperature and the degree of dirt and adjusts the spray pattern to clean the windshield fast and reliably, without distorting the driver’s view during the operation.

Adaptive wipers

Adjustment of spray pattern

In hot and dry conditions, less fluid is used to remove dirt and dust, and in wet and cold (winter) conditions the system sprays more water across a larger wiping angle.

The wiper and washing system is completely heated. A heating element in the wiper arm (with a maximum power output of 20 watts) prevents the wiper system from icing over.

Adaptive wipers

Heated arm and nozzle

At higher speeds, the system only sprays fluid behind the wiper to prevent unnecessary dispersion caused by the car’s airstream.