The mirrors can be delivered in different styles


Electric adjustable mirrors with heating are standard on Audi e-tron (option ID 6XN). They are controlled in the drivers door on the joystick.

Mirror control

Mirrors are controlled in driver door

Retractable mirrors

As an option you can have electrically adjustable, heated and retractable side mirrors, automatically dimmable on both sides, with integrated LED turn signal and curb automatic in the side mirror on the passenger side and projection light in the side mirrors that project a graphic light onto the ground.

This is part part of comfort package with option id PYA

Mirror Style

The mirrors can be delivered in different styles.

Painted mirrors in veichle color. Option code 6FG

This is the standard option.

Painted mirros

Painted mirrors in veichle colors

Black mirrors. Option code 6FJ

Black mirrors

Black mirrors