S-line exterior package

The S-line exterior package contains additional styling elements.

The more distinctively contoured bumper is flanked by more expressive air curtains painted in silver.

In addition, the Single frame grill has a shadow look compared with the standard that has a silver look.

Standard front

Standard front

Florett Silver

S-line front

Standard single frame grill

standard single frame grill with silver styling

Shadow single frame grill

s-line single frame grill with shadow styling

The rear diffusor have a more sporty and dynamic look.

Standard diffusor

Standard rear

S-line diffusor

S-Line rear with more sporty diffusor

Elements on the door is in silver compared to standard that has body color or contrast color for standard. This element is black when combined with black optics.

Standard side

Standard side with full body color

S-line side

S-line side with silver body element with contrast color

S-line side

S-line side full body color with silver element

S-line side

S-line side with black optics and full body color with black element

You get a s-line badge with the s-line package.


s-line badge

The option Id is PY2 for s-line exterior.

S-line exterior package can be combined with a black optics package

Additional requiremens with S-line exterior

It is important to know if you want the s-line exterior option (PY2) it is required to have minimum 20" wheels and you need to choose sport suspension (option ID 1JC) or dynamic package plus with option PY9.