Why I am not able to control my Audi Q4 e-tron through myAudi app?

A common question for Audi Q4 e-tron is related to owners having a problem with myAudi app and performing operations.

These operations could be start pre-climatization or changing charing target. Or just checking the car status.

Connect issue

myAudi error message

There is not a common solution for this problem. And in many cases, there is nothing you can do. But here are some of the most common issues and solutions

Log in and log out

In some cases, and especially when you get an error message about the action can’t be performed because some other action is happening you should try to log out and log in again.

Remove car from myAudi

This option can help if you have never been able to connect to the car. Removing it from MyAudi, adding it again with VIN, and then requesting Audi to add you as the main user.

Bad network coverage where it is parked

Even if you are standing 10 meters away from the car, the communication will always go through central Audi servers. If there is bad reception for the car it might not be online. The car might use another network than your cells. Depending on country and provider.

Common server or software issue

The most common issue is that Audi servers or software have issues that prevent owners to access functionality. This happens often in winter when more users try to heat the car.

Contact Audi Digital Support

Reset of car

For some owners, their dealership has disconnected the car from the 12-volt battery and in that way resetting the communication module.

Replacement of SOS module

In some cases, the communication module (SOS module) needs to be replaced. See problem database