Audi Q4 e-tron Charging System

Audi Q4 e-tron includes a portable charging system for temporary level 1 and level 2 charging.

The Charging System Compact is not the charger, technically speaking. This equipment is known as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) and serves as a controller that ensures safe power delivery between your home and the vehicle. Every Audi Q4 e-tron comes equipped with this charging system as standard.

For Levels 1 (120 volt AC) and Level 2 (230/400 volt AC), the actual charging process takes place via the vehicle’s own on-board charger. The onboard charger converts AC power from your home into DC power, which is what batteries use to store and supply energy.

It is meant for use when a fixed level 2 or level 3 installation is not available and you need to charge your Q4 e-tron from a domestic or industrial AC socket.

In the US the charging system has a J1772 connector to connect to the car, while in Europe it has a Type 2 connector.

Charge port

Type 2 Chargeport

e-tron charging System Compact

The charging system compact is the standard system provided with e-tron.

It comes in different versios based on the country it sells. In some countries in Europe you can choose between a 230-volt system and a 400-volt system when ordering the car.

Charging system

Charging system compact

Charging system

Charging system compact

Capacity based on network / outlet

Connection Plug capacity charging 100% q4 e-tron 40/50
120Volt Level 1 Domestic NEMA 5-20 1.2kW 76 hours
240Volt Domestic NEMA 14-50 9.6kW 9.5 hours
230Volt Domestic Type F 1.8kW 43 hours
400V 16A 3phase Red Industrial 11KW 9 hours
230V 32A 1phase Blue Industrial 7.2KW 11.5 hours
230V 16A 1phase Blue Industrial 3.6KW 23 hours

Use with caution

For home use, it is highly recommended that you use a fixed installed wall charger to reduce the risk of fire. Domestic outlets typically are not created for supporting high current over many hours like EV charging.

That’s why the portable charging system often is called an “emergency charging system”.

Using the same outlet over time causes stress to the outlet and there is a high risk for a meltdown. Below you see some pictures of outlets that melted for e-tron owners that did not install a hardwired charging system. This is not a specific Audi issue, but relevant for all EVs that charge with high current.


Burned nema 14-50 outlet used for Audi e-tron


Burned nema 14-50 outlet used for Audi e-tron

For home use you should install a hardwired charging solution. There exist many providers of these type of equipment.

They run on 230/240 or 400 volt depending on network in your home.

Audi wall box

Install a hard wired level 2 charging system