Audi Q4 e-tron climate control

Audi Q4 e-tron is equipped with 1-zone electronic climate control as standard.

The controls are located just below the MMI screen.

AC control

The AC has a separate control panel under the MMI screen

As an option, you can order a 3-zone climate control system.

In the front, this means that the passenger and driver can have individual set temperatures.

AC control

3 zone climate control system with an individual temp for driver/passenger

It also gives the passenger in the back seat a separate panel where they can adjust the rear zone.

AC control

The AC has a separate control panel for the rear seats

The 3-zone climate control system is part of the climate and winter package with option id WNW

Auxiliary air conditioner with preconditioner

Audi e-tron is equipped with an auxiliary air conditioner that can be used when the car is turned off. This can be activated from the MMI manually or set by a timer. One typical use case is when charging since the car needs to be turned off then and the main AC unit does not work.

Pre condition

Pre-condition will run for 30 minutes and can be started from MMI or the myAudi app

The auxiliary air conditioner can also be controlled by the myAudi app. This is useful when you need to heat or cool the car before using it.

When using the pre-condition functionality you can also heat the steering wheel and front seats.

The Auxiliary air conditioner with preconditioner has Option ID GA2 but is standard equipment.


The heat pump reuses heat from the drivetrain to heat the coupe efficiently.

This can reduce consumption in cold weather and by that increase the range. How much this help would vary on the weather.

Has option Id 9M3 but it is only available as part of the climate- and winter-package WNW