Audi Q4 e-tron onboard Charger

Audi Q4 e-tron has an onboard charger for level 1 and level 2 charging.

The onboard charger is responsible for converting AC to DC.

There are two versions of the onboard charger. The charger in Q4 35 support 7.2KW AC charging (KB2) while 40/45 and 50 support 11KW AC charging (KB3)

In the US the charging port has a J1772 connector to connect to the car, while in Europe it has a Type 2 connector.

Type 2 Chargeport

Type 2 Chargeport

To charge the car from AC you need a Wallbox to connect to or the charging system that can connect to the domestic outlet.

Electric drive unit

In the illustration below you see the location of the charge units.

Electric drivetrain with chargeport and AC charger

Electric drivetrain with chargeport and AC charger

Only AC charging goes throug the charger. For DC charging the CCS port is directly connected to the battery.

Capacity based on network / outlet

ConnectionPlugcapacitycharging 100% Q4 e-tron 50
120VoltLevel 1 Domestic NEMA 5-201.2kW64 hours
240VoltDomestic NEMA 14-509.6kW8 hours
230VoltDomestic Type F1.8kW42 hours
400V 16A 3phaseRed Industrial11KW7 hours
230V 32A 1phaseBlue Industrial7.2KW10.7 hours
230V 16A 1phaseBlue Industrial3.6KW21.4 hours