Audi Q6 e-tron battery

The lithium-ion battery system of the Audi Q6 e-tron can store up 100 kWh of energy and uses 800 volt system.

It is expected that Q6 will come with two different battery sizes.

  • 100kWh gross with 12 modules
  • 83.3kWh gross with 10 modules

100Kwh gross pack, 12 modules

It is expected that the available battery would be 94%. Same as MEB based cars. This would mean 94kWh/78kWh available battery on the different versions


Audi has confirmed that the cells will be prismatic cells but it is not confirmed the excact number of cells and type of cells.

To get to 800Volt you need around 200 cells in serial. Audi e-tron GT has 198 and nominal voltage on 723 volt.

With 12 modules that would mean that the 12 modules version would have a setup like

  • 180s2p - 360 cells - 650Volt nominal - 76AH cells
  • 192s2p - 384 cells - 694Volt nominal - 71AH cells
  • 204s2p - 408 cells - 737Volt nominal - 67AH cells
  • 216s2p - 432 cells - 780Volt nominal - 63AH cells

Similar 10 modules version would then have

  • 150s2p - 300 cells - 542Volt nominal - 76AH cells
  • 160s2p - 320 cells - 578Volt nominal - 71AH cells
  • 170s2p - 340 cells - 614Volt nominal - 67AH cells
  • 180s2p - 360 cells - 650Volt nominal - 63AH cells

Porsche Taycan, that uses same battery as Audi e-tron GT, have a version with smaller battery. It has a nominal voltage on 613 volt. Based on this we belive that Audi/Porsche will go for a 204s2p setup with 67AH prismatic cells.