Last modified: Mar 17, 2024

Audi Q6 e-tron soundsystem

You can choose between two different sound systems on Audi Q6 e-tron

Audi sound system

The standard sound system is a 180 Watt 6 channel system with 10 speakers including center speaker and subwoofer.

Bang & Olufsen Sound System with 3D sound

The Audi Q6 e‑tron’s optional Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with 3D sound provides maximum acoustic precision.

A small speaker in each A‑pillar reproduces the effect of height; the windshield reflects the sound they emit. The music is experienced precisely as recorded – for a natural and impressive sound experience. A highly efficient amplifier is at the heart of the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System. It drives 22 loudspeakers with 830 watts. Four are integrated into the front seat headrests, a design that enables Audi to introduce so-called sound zones for the first time. The bass loudspeakers in the front doors are in a separate housing, causing less vibration of nearby parts and ensuring that the sound is reproduced with great accuracy. This improves the sound quality and reduces sound propagation outside the vehicle. The decoupling of the loudspeaker also provides a precise, voluminous bass. Illuminated lettering stages the sound system at night.

With this multi-faceted interior, which Audi recognizes as “the center of our customers’ lives and experiences,” the Q6 e-tron fulfills its user’s needs through design and technology in ways not previously possible.

Bang & Olufsen sound system with 20 speakers

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