Last modified: Mar 14, 2024

Audi Q8 e-tron drive select

Audi Q8 e-tron is equipped with drive select as standard.

The Audi drive select dynamic handling system allows drivers to experience different setups in their Audi Q8 e-tron. Choosing one of the modes auto, comfort, all-road, offroad, dynamic or efficiency changes the characteristic of important drive and suspension components from a comfort bias to distinctly dynamic or particularly energy-efficient.

In individual mode, drivers can configure the setup according to their personal preferences.

Depending on option and setup drive select settings affect the following.

  • Motor responsivnes
  • quattro drive
  • adaptive air suspension with electronic damper control
  • dynamic steering
  • HD Matrix LED headlights
  • ambient lighting
  • Electronic stabilisation contol (ESC)
  • Adaptive Cruise Assist
  • Audi Pre Sense
Drive Select are available as seperate buttons and from MMI

Drive Select are available as seperate buttons and from MMI


Drive Select menu in MMI

Drive Select menu in MMI

Offroad - Provides assistance when driving offroad. The vehicle will be raised to the secondhighest level using the air suspension®. The ESC will be restricted and the hill descent assist* will be activated. The vehicle will exit this mode after the ignition is switched off.

allroad - Provides balanced vehicle handling. The vehicle will be raised to the second-highest level using the air suspension*.

efficiency - The vehicle switches to a fuel-efficient vehicle setup and supports the driver with fuel economy messages. The “E” driving program is selected.

comfort - Provides a comfort-oriented vehicle setup and is suited for long drives on highways.

auto - Provides an overall comfortable yet dynamic driving feel and is suited for everyday use.

dynamic - Gives the driver a sporty driving feel and is suited to a sporty driving style. The “S” driving program is selected.

Individual - Provides the option for personalized vehicle settings.

Individual settings

Individual settings

Individual settings


The drive system will react to accelerator pedal moves more quickly or in a more balanced manner.


The power steering will adapt. Light steering is suitable for long trips on highways or smooth driving around curves, for example.


The suspension adjusts to be tighter or more comfort-oriented when it comes to compensating for uneven spots on the road. The vehicle ground clearance is adjusted by the air suspension* based on the setting.

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