Audi connect

Audi connect represents the digital connection between driver, vehicle, and infrastructure. It bundles all structures that use online connectivity with the vehicle to provide real-time information and multiple digital functions.

The digital functions and capabilities are described in the below sections.

  • Navigation & Infotainment

    In the Infotainment & Navigation package, Audi connect bundles functions that take entertainment, information, and comfort to a new level.

  • e-tron services

    Audi connect offers special services for all e-tron models, which help, for example, in managing the vehicle status at a glance, including the charging status and the driving data of the vehicle.

  • Emergency call & Service

    In the event of an accident or breakdown, the services of the Audi connect package support emergency calls & services, including by remote control. In an emergency, experienced Audi employees from the Damage or Breakdown Service will help you, or an automatic emergency call will be made by the vehicle.

  • Audi connect data plan

    To use Audi connect you need a data subscription either by using your own sim card in the car on some models or via the built-in data subscription in the car.

  • myAudi and the myAudi apps for Android and IOS lets you manage your cars and control them in some aspects

  • Model features

    The different all-electric models from Audi support different Audi connect functionality. This is an overview of the differences

  • Licensing & Cost

    The different Audi Connect features have separate licenses and costs for renewal.