Emergency call & Service

In the event of an accident or breakdown, the services of the Audi connect package support emergency calls & services, including by remote control. In an emergency, experienced Audi employees from the Damage or Breakdown Service will help you, or an automatic emergency call will be made by the vehicle.

Emergency call

If the car is involved in a serious accident, an automatic emergency call is triggered. The car transmits relevant data such as the scene of the accident and the number of passengers to Audi’s call centers, which can as quickly as possible organize help.

Trained call center staff assists the driver in his language, also abroad. At the same time, the local rescue service is notified and the call center mediates the information relevant to the rescue workers. A manual emergency call can also be triggered, for example, to provide assistance to other road users.

Online road service

In the event of a stoppage, the driver can notify the road service via the network using a key in the roof module. The car establishes contact with Audi’s help service. In many cases, it is possible to uncover the problem using the data the car sends so that one can quickly find a suitable solution.

Audi damage service

If the car’s sensors detect a minor accident without triggering the airbags and/or tightening the belts, the driver is automatically informed via the Audi damage service. It opens one dialog box in the MMI display where the driver can choose whether he or she wants help in connection with the injury or possibly trigger an emergency call. In both cases, the driver will get in touch with a trained service employee.

Emergency call and service operator is available above the center console

Emergency call and service operator is available above the center console

Online car care

Audi Online Car Care can notify the driver when certain features may need maintenance or inspection, including brake pads, check engine lights, and vehicle fluids via an available myAudi app push notification.

Online Car Care message

Online Car Care message