e-tron services

Audi connect offers special services for all e-tron models, which help, for example, in managing the vehicle status at a glance, including the charging status and the driving data of the vehicle.

Audi service term online

Audi service term online informs the customer’s chosen Audi workshop when it’s time for service. The workshop can then contact the customer to arrange a time.

Car status report

Thanks to the car status report for the Audi e-tron in Audi connect, you can see a lot of information on your smartphone via the myAudi app. Audi connects car status report contains among other the following information:

  • Battery charge level
  • Status of the charging plug

Remote control of locking / unlocking

The car can be easily locked and unlocked using the smartphone via the myAudi app


You can lock and unlock the car from myAudi app

Parking position

The car’s parking position is shown on the map in the myAudia app on the smartphone.

Parking position

Parking position

Alert from theft alarm

Push messages via the myAudi app if the burglar alarm (optional) is triggered.

Remote control of charging

You can schedule charging and program times via the myAudi app. This protects the car battery.

Remote control of climate control

e-tron’s parking air conditioner can be controlled with the myAudi app.

Climate control

You can control temprature, window heading and comfort clima if available

Climate control

You can also set a timer on clima

Climate control

When started it runs for 30 minutes

Climate control

You have also quick start from bottom menu

Climate control

Quick start options

Driving data

Get an overview of the electrical consumption, driving time and driving distance

Driving data

Driving data short-term memory

Driving data

Driving data long-term memory