PPE (Premium Platform Electric)

For its full-size class and luxury models, Audi is relying on a fourth platform.

The Premium Platform Electric (PPE) has been designed and developed in cooperation with Porsche from the start. Porsche will use it for their upcoming Porsche Macan, while Audi will use it for Audi Q6 e-tron and A6 e-tron.

With its special architecture, it provides the conditions needed for ultra-modern technology that satisfies the demanding customer requests in the full-size and luxury class segments.

A6 e-tron

A6 e-tron

PPE will take on the role in the world of electric vehicles that the modular longitudinal platform holds in vehicles powered by combustion engines. It is characterized by a high-tech and highly scalable architecture that allows both low- and high-floor vehicles to be realized.

Audi is developing various model series on the basis of PPE that will cover the segments from the upper medium-size class to the luxury class as SUVs, Sportbacks, Avants and Crossovers with various different vehicle types. In doing so, the brand is also expanding its current model portfolio in the full-size class and luxury segments by adding numerous electric variants.

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan prototype based on PPE

The technology package on the PPE is generally similar to that of the MEB; in addition, it offers great potential in terms of output and performance. As standard, the vehicles are fitted with one electric motor in the rear; the top-of-the-range models are equipped with a second electric motor at the front axle (PSM or ASM) that allows them to activate all-wheel drive automatically when needed. If will of course also be possible to realize different performance levels and battery capacities on the PPE platform. Like in the Audi e-tron GT concept, the state of charge is 800 volts; in combination with high-efficiency thermal management, it enables a high charging capacity of 350 kW.

Battery sizes are unknown at current time, but A6 e-tron concept have 100kWh net and a range of 700 km WLTP. This will indicate a consumption on 14.2 kWh/100km that indicate a very efficient drivetrain.



The dimensions and overhangs of the low-floor Audi models on the PPE platform will be slightly shorter than those of the current combustion engine models on MLB basis but will offer greater interior length. As is typical for electric models, there are no transmission or center tunnels. As traditional premium vehicles, the PPE models can be equipped with numerous high-end technologies: In the drive area, torque control takes place via torque vectoring, while the typical Audi features of air suspension or all-wheel steering are provided in the suspension area.

PPE vs MLB evo

In 2020 Audi had a presentation where they discussed some of the improvments of the new platform over the MLB evo platform.


PPE Overview


PPE vs MLB evo